Forex Trade Copier 3 software

Forex Trade Copier 3

Simple and reliable software that can duplicate/copy trades between any MT4/MT5 accounts.

Any broker support

Any account type support

Reverse Mode

Custom lot management

Problem management

Considering different leverage

Advanced copying statistics

Different lot multipliers for different currencies

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Forex Copier Remote 2 software

Forex Copier Remote 2

Accomplish more as the experienced trader with Forex Copier Remote 2 - fast and reliable trade copier!

Manage your subscribers: add/delete and set the expiration date of clients' subscription

MT4/MT5 platforms support provided by any broker

Automated signals with the lowest latency possible

Reverse Mode



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Why choose Forex Copier

Why to
provide signals?

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    Maximize profits

    Confident in your skills? Level up your trading career by providing signals to others.

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    Resell other traders’ signals

    In addition to distributing your signals, you can resell signals of other traders, earning from the receivers’ commission.

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    Develop your customer network

    By sharing signals with others, you position yourself as a successful trader and signal provider. The more customers you have, the more profit you get.

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    Create your rules

    Only you set the rules, e.g., how much commission fee to charge from which receivers and which trades to copy.

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    Share profit from strategies without risk

    By providing signals of a profitable trading strategy, you receive a guarantee that no one will be able to repeat your trading algorithm since customers get the result of trading a strategy, and not the logic itself.

Why to
copy trades?

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    Minimize risks

    Any broker can disappear. As well as your deposit. Split your overall deposit between several brokers and be sure that the most part of your capital is safe.

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    Save your time

    There’s no need to constantly monitor trading charts. The transactions will open and close automatically.

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    Take the pressure away

    Start closing profitable trades from day one without fears, typical for the Forex newcomers.

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    Enjoy real-time trading

    It takes only 0.6 seconds for the transaction to be copied to your account. No waiting, no delays.

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    Learn from experienced traders

    Master winning techniques and strategies of skilled traders by analyzing their trading style.

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Forex Trade Copier

Forex Trade Copier

Forex Copier Remote

Forex Copier Remote

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