Hire a Forex Tool Programmer


4xDev coders will develop various trading tools for different platforms. Try their programming services to subdue the Forex market.

Create Expert Advisors, Indicators, and Other Tools for Trading



Let us guess, you:

  • Have a trading idea that you desire to bring to life.

  • Have no coding skills and need some help in FX tool development.

  • Want to create custom trading tools for different platforms.

  • Desire to protect your software.

  • Want to make your trading more successful.

  • Contact client-friendly companies only.

  • Look for suitable and reliable programmers.

Don’t make bee’s knees from the easiest thing in the world! Let us give you a tiny piece of advice.



Try 4xDev Services

Our dear partner, the 4xDev team, can create cool Forex trading stuff:

  • EAs

  • Indicators

  • Bots

  • Scripts

  • And other FX tools

The 4xDev pro-coders develop exclusive Forex software for various terminals:

  • MetaTrader 4(5)®

  • Forex Tester 2-5

  • Ninja Trader 7(8)

  • TradingView

  • cTrader



In addition, they can:

  • Convert your tools into the appropriate format.

  • Backtest and optimize your Forex software.

  • Protect your trading stuff with the power of obfuscation or other methods.

* MetaTrader®, MetaTrader 5®, MT4®, MT5® are the registered trademarks of MetaQuotes Software Corp. The developers of Forex Copier are not affiliated with MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Contact the 4xDev Company

If you have any questions, write to 4xDev supporters via

If you want to develop a tool right now, visit their website.

The 4xDev representatives will inform you about deadlines and the approximate price after estimating your order.

Be profitable — With 4xDev blinding tools.