4xDev: Get Custom Programming Services for True Traders





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4xDev: Get Custom Programming Services for True Traders

Are you looking for a smart and reliable programmer to create a custom trading strategy, indicator, or script? You have come to the right place. We will tell you about one Forex developer company, 4xDev. 

Our dear clients were worried about the issue of finding a programmer to develop an Expert Advisor or indicator.

We have collected the most frequently asked questions on this topic and prepared answers. We hope you will like it! 


How to Develop a Trading Tool with Hands Down?

It is impossible to conquer the Forex market universe without Expert Advisors, bots, and other assistants that automate trading processes. 

It often happens in life that you desperately need custom Forex software. However, random tools cannot meet your trading requirements. 

And what to do if such a situation arises? Learn to code on your own? But it is a time- and effort-consuming process. Perhaps, there is an easier and faster way? Are there any shortcuts? 

Yes, there are! You can always turn to IT professionals. Why not hire a developer to bring your trading ideas to life? 

Where to Find a Reliable Coder?

We have figured out that the best way to create a Forex robot is to seek the help of a Forex tool programmer. But where does a good specialist live? 

Of course, you can surf freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. But how reliable are local developers?

As your friend, we can reveal to you the “habitat” of one suitable candidate. 

The 4xDev Company: Get Custom Programming Services for True Traders

4xDev pro developers have been coding top-notch trading software for several years.

4xDev programming services will be in hand if you need to:

  • Develop a custom EA, indicator, bot, or other trading stuff from scratch 

  • Convert Forex tools of one format into the required one

  • Backtest your strategies and optimize them 

  • Obfuscate your Forex software to prevent it from decompilation 

Do you desire to get exclusive tools for trading for a specific platform? There is not a problem for the 4xDev coders! Get the custom FX stuff for your favorite terminals: 

  • MetaTrader 4, 5®
  • cTrader
  • Forex Tester 2, 3, 4, 5
  • NinjaTrader 7, 8
  • SierraChart
  • TradingView 
  • Etc.

Do you want to start FX tool development? Send a request without delay! The Technical Support Manager will estimate your project in the blink of an eye. He will announce the price and deadlines of your request. 

Do you have any questions? Contact the 4xDev team via support@4xdev.com to find answers. 

Do you want to learn more about this company? Visit their official website.

Do you want to become a 4xDev partner? Write them at partners@4xdev.com to get the affiliate/partner system details. 

Make an order right now to get a 20% discount! 

What Are the 4xDev’s Benefits?

Oh, what an interesting question. We will try to answer it as objectively as possible. 

Reliability and Expertise 

4xDev is a team of skilled coders with over 6 years of tool development experience. They are really good at stuff like programming custom EAs and other trading assistants. They will easily understand your requirements and fulfill your Forex dream in a matter of days.

Their crucial advantage is their ability to meet deadlines.

These guys know the market basics. So, they have no trouble grasping your project requirements.

Intellectual Property Safety 

4xDev provides an opportunity to sign an NDA. In this case, your ideas and confidential data will be protected from reselling or disclosure to third parties. 


The price list for 4xDev programming services is quite reasonable. Project cost varies from $250 to $1500. However, the 4xDev company often hosts events and sales where you can grab a good discount. 

For example, you can take part in their survey and get a $120 coupon.


In addition, 4xDev Technical Support Manager is an unreal cinnamon roll. If you want to feel a client-friendly approach, you are welcome to 4xDev. 

Mike replies to the clients’ emails really fast. He will lead you and help you through the entire project assisting with different issues. Moreover, he will provide you with after-completion support.

Are you still in doubt? Check 4xDev clients’ reviews on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. Find out the opinions of others about the advantages/disadvantages of working with this company.

How Is the Tool Development Process Going? 

There are 6 stages that you should go through when developing tools for trading:

1. Send a request. Describe your project in detail.

2. The Tech Lead and coders will estimate your order and form the specification in no time. 

3. Carefully read the document and approve or edit it. If everything is OK, you should prepay to run the development.

4. The Forex tool programmer will create and test your tool within 5 business days. After all these manipulations, you get the demo version of the tool. You can test it within 10 business days.

5. If you find bugs, developers will fix them for free. 

6. If the tool works properly, you can request the final version. 

The Support will keep you updated during the development process. He will lead you from the first to the last stage of the project. 

To learn more about all dev aspects, read the Payment and Terms section on the 4xDev website. 

In Conclusion

Do you want to hire a perfect coder? Don’t hesitate! The 4xDev team can develop what you want. 

Send a request right now to make your trading dreams come true!