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Forex Copier 3 Is Here! 10 features you will definitely like

Great news: Forex Trade Copier 3 is already available for download! The new version successfully combines the advantages of the previous one and a big number of completely new features.

Here are 10 features of Forex Copier 3 we are proud of:

  • Both MT4® and MT5® terminals support

  • Closing orders without Stop Loss after a certain time

  • Setting different lot multipliers for different currencies

  • Considering different leverage when calculating the order volume

  • Copying orders during a specified period of time

  • Automatic problem management (copying problems, problems with terminal)

  • Splitting an order into several ones when volume exceeds the maximum value

  • Possibility to open copying settings from the terminal

  • Selecting the pip size for specific symbol pairs

  • Improved user experience

Detailed information on these and many other Forex Copier 3 features can be found on this page in the New Features section.

If you want to buy Forex Copier 3, please follow the link:

When purchasing Forex Copier 3, you pay just once and get the lifetime license.