Meet Forex Copier 4! Try 5 New Features




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Meet Forex Copier 4! Try 5 New Features 


We know: You have been waiting for an updated Forex Copier for a long time. And we have finally released the new version! Now, you can be the first to test the unique combination of old-school and new-school features. 

Let us introduce the most innovative Copier options:




Are you tired of working exclusively with MetaTrader®* terminals? You are heard. cTrader®** platform is unlocked. Copy trades from MT4® to MT4/5® accounts or mimic orders from cTrader® to MT4/5®. So, yeah. Now, Forex Copier 4 supports MetaTrader 4®, MetaTrader 5®, and cTrader® brokers. It is excellent to copy in variety.


Troubleshooting system


Solve difficulties in real-time mode. Click the Fix button to fix errors in a flash. If you are a Provider, you can see the Receivers' issues right on your chart. In addition, check your email inbox to know about all the copying problems. 


Smart UI


Enjoy the fresh and comfortable design of our software. We dedicate it to dark-mode lovers. Does it make sense for us to talk about all the visual changes? A picture is worth a thousand words.


Better symbols flexibility 


You do not need to adjust symbols manually. Names are recognized automatically, as if by magic with the updated suffixes list.


Feature Search 


How not to get lost among the countless options of Forex Copier 4? Do not worry! You can easily browse all the parameters and navigate thanks to the search-a-feature mode. 

Find more info about Forex Copier 4 features here

If you have eyes for Forex Copier 4***, buy it! Be on top of the Copying world.


*MetaTrader®, MetaTrader 5®, MT4®, and MT5® are the registered trademarks of MetaQuotes Software Corp. The developers of Forex Copier are not affiliated with MetaQuotes Software. 

**cTrader® is the registered trademark of Spotware Systems Ltd. The developers of Forex Copier are not affiliated with Spotware Systems Ltd.

***When purchasing Forex Copier 4, you pay just once and get the lifetime license.