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How to Learn and Earn Easily with Forex Copier

It's not a secret that all the people who trade in the Forex market have come here with only one purpose - to make money. But if you want to have a stable income, not spontaneous, you must know the ins and outs of the market, and be well prepared theoretically. So you will be able to have stable earning only after long period of time and you will lose a lot of money by this time. But what to do if you are a beginner and you want to make money right here and right now without having any knowledge of the market? How to start trading if you do not have a clue about when you need to place an order and what type of order it should be? Forex Copier can help you to solve all these problems and start earning money for you right now. But how can it do this?

Let’s imagine the following situation: your friend (successful trader) gave you an investor password which allows getting an access to his profitable account so you can watch what orders he places and when he does that. Or you found an investor password from the account of unknown person on the Internet. Investor password is a read only password which is usually used by clients to watch the money manager’s trading results in real time without the ability to make changes. So you logged into his account, started watching his trading methods and slowly learn.

image successful trader learn

But there is the problem - you do not get any money, because trading takes place not on your account. But with help of the Forex Copier software you can copy other people's transactions and not only learn how to trade watching other people’s trades, but also to earn money in the process.

duplicate trades of profitable trader

After downloading the software and installing it, all orders which are opened on source account will be copied to your account. The installation process is very simple so you can start to copy trades in a few clicks. You just need to set the account with investor password as Source account and your account as Receiver account like on the screenshot below.

scheme duplicate trades of profitable trader

Our product will help you to receive a regular income at the early stages of training and allows you to raise your capital before the time you can successfully trade by yourself. The most pleasant thing that copying is fully automatic so you can leave both terminals launched and to do whatever you want. Knowing that you earn money from copying trades will help you to not to afraid of placing your own orders because you will know that even if your orders aren’t profitable you will not lose money because profit from copied orders will cover your losses from your own orders if they are not profitable. And practice, according to all traders, is a good way to understand how the Forex Market works and to learn about how to trade.

scheme duplicate trades of profitable trader

In next article we will tell you about how to make profit from copying losing trades.