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The Role Of Financial Giants In Making Traders Lose

In the financial markets where the banks, hedge funds, governments, and forex brokers play a significant role in manipulating the prices, a novice or an amateur trader is always left behind. Even if a beginner understands the prospects mentioned above, he is eaten up by the big traders when it comes to trading psychology, risk management, and strategy. As a result, most of the executions on the MT4/MT5® platform turn into losers. Losing trades turn create the failed traders who contribute to the 90 percent failure rate in the markets.

How do you turn around such a loss rate?

To overcome this difficulty and to overturn the losing curve, traders can employ the reverse mode in their strategy. What this does is basically reverse all the orders being set up on the platform, and all the trades that were becoming negative due to traders’ inefficiency will turn into positive. Anyone with an above 50 percent losing rate can turn himself into one of the unique 10 percent of traders who take profits back home.

Trick or Treat: Forex Copier To Reverse Your Trades

Forex Copier has every feature that a trader may need in terms of reversing the executions. The setting can be enabled under the Receiver account setup. Click on the reverse mode tab to start overturning your trades. The forex copytrading software will do the job while copying incoming orders from Source to Receiver account with minimum latency.

Reverse Mode

Reverse Stop Loss And Take Profit

Turning this setting on sets the automated copy trading software to reverse all the incoming trades. As a result, the buy trade is taken as a sell, and sell is taken as a buy. In terms of stop loss and take profit, they are reversed with the trade.

For example, a buy order on the source account with SL as 20 and TP as 40 pips can be reversed. The new sell trade will be executed with a stop loss of 20 and take profit as 40. You can also choose to take the take profit as the stop loss in which the new stop loss is 40 and take profit is 20 pips.

Incoming Order Reversed
Buy Sell
Sell Buy
Buy Stop Sell Limit
Sell Stop Buy Limit
Buy Limit Sell Stop
Sell Limit Buy Stop

Table 1: Orders reversed from source to receiver will be done as shown.

Spread Consideration

“Consider spreads in reverse mode for pending orders”, selecting this option will allow you to consider spreads in the receiver’s account to match the entry price in the source. See the image below on how to enable this setting.

Select the highlighted option to consider spreads in trading copier

Image 1: Select the highlighted option to consider spreads in trading copier.

How can one benefit from reversing trades?

The following benefits can be achieved using the Reverse Mode feature of Forex Copier:

  • Turns any losing EA into a profitable one.

  • You can see how well your trading performs by reversing your trades.

  • Suitable for beginners as they can cover losses by reversing their positions during the learning curve.

  • You don’t have to manually copy an order and reverse it as the best forex copy trader does it for you.

  • Thinking generally it can turn around the 90/10 loss to win ratio in forex.

Reversing your trades can indeed give you an advantage in forex trading. In the financial world, it is impossible to be a profitable trader without consistency. Reverse mode, along with many other useful mirror trading software features, can help you become a consistent trader much faster.