Customer’s Experience: Wait for the Better Price Option





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Customer’s Experience: Wait for the Better Price Option

     We decided to diversify the format of our blogs slightly. One of our dear users kindly agreed to tell us about his experience with Forex Copier.

Narrated by Pablo, Forex Copier user

     Honestly, I was not a “trading head” a year ago. However, since some of my friends were involved in these "dark waters", they actively urged me to try myself in this area. And they jollied me shortly. 

     My ace (and a part-time experienced Forex trader) gave me such a pep talk: “You should start with something simpler than ordinary trading. It is much easier to copy trades than to think through the hours and days of each strategy, bro. Globally speaking, you can hand everything on a silver platter. Of course, you will have to learn some trading basics. You cannot do without them. But you eventually can make a good capital thanks to your efforts.”

     I will not hide. I hesitated. But I summoned all my willpower and went to learn the fundamentals. 

     After a couple of weeks of intensive training, I turned on my PC, crying: “I am ready!” as if I was Sponge Bob. But there was a new test before me. Do you think it is easy for a beginner to pick up a good platform for copy trading? At first, my ego tried unsuccessfully to find something suitable on its own. But it soon gave up. 

     As always, my buddies’ help and tips came in rather handy. So, fate brought me to Forex Copier. The copying software turned out to be quite convenient. Friends showed me a thing or two. After countless lectures, the chick was ready to leave the nest. The moment of truth has come. 

     As you know, copy trading programs offer you to try on 2 roles: Source and Receiver. I had to start my journey with the role of a Receiver. 

    I had a lot of ups and downs. I learned a lot. I will never forget the moment I chose my first Source. Gods, this process vaguely reminded me of the search for a soulmate on Tinder. I subscribed to his account. And the game began.

    I want to note the software provided a helpful feature for me as a Receiver.

    It is the price adjustment for opening and closing orders. Thanks to this option, I can select certain price limits and copying conditions. 

wait for better price option


     The essence is as follows: If the price is better than the original open price on the Source account, Forex Copier mimics the trade to my (Receiver) account. The same logic is available for order closing. So, it is nice that the software can wait for a better price to open or close a trade. 

     I like to control the situation and have the possibility to select conditions for closing and opening trades on my account. 

     Here is a short story about my experience trying copy trading and using Forex Copier. I hope my introduction was not too long. Maybe I will write something more in the future. See ya!