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Forex trading copy and paste: investing in intelligence!

The cost of any mistake in Forex can be very high. And while you have not learned how to make a profit on your own, the modern market offers to make money using someone else's success.

Automated copy trading is a special investment technology: you can enter into deals based on decisions made by professionals with successful trading history. An excellent scheme for those who are interested in the financial market, but do not have enough experience or time for real trading.

A beginner gets a chance to become a successful market participant even with minimal capital. An experienced trader can profitably share his knowledge. If you are only ready to invest, then there will be a profit for you.

So let’s begin.

How to copy forex signals?

How to copy forex signals

We remind: copy and paste forex trading involves obtaining some information from external sources, based on which you will be opening your transactions − manually or automatically. In such a scheme, there is necessarily a signal source − let's call it «Trader», and there is a consumer («Investor»). The Trader provides the ability to copy their trades, and the Investor purchases the information for copytrade Forex as a normal service.

This can be a subscription to a trading signal service (for a day, a month, a year), a fee for each transaction made, or a percentage of the profit received by the Investor. The connection to the copy trading system is automatic.

That is, the terminal can be closed, but trade orders will still be activated. The decision to enter the market is made by the Trader, and the deal is opened on the Investor's trading account. The conditions for copying and risk parameters are determined by the Investor, as a rule, they can close the deal if the current result does not suit them. You can copy signals from multiple sources at the same time, with different conditions.

The counterparty in this case is the broker − it provides the technical infrastructure and copytrade software for process. As a rule, brokers unite both suppliers and consumers of trading signals on one platform.

Some companies charge a certain fee (percentage of the transaction) for using the copy service. What is the benefit for each participant in the process − let’s look at it in detail.

What is Trader's profit?

The provider of trading signals is rewarded for sharing their experience and knowledge. They set the size of the commission themselves. The trader is interested in profitable trades, since in the event of a loss, their Investors will also not earn anything, and there will be no commission from copy trading either. The settlement system is set up for active daily work: at the beginning of each trading day, a rollover occurs − commissions are paid to Traders from each Investors' deposit.

The reaction of Investors affects the Trader's business reputation: successful trading allows you to attract additional capital, while Investors, dissatisfied with the result, may refuse to cooperate.

What is the Investor's profit?

It's simple:

  • real profit without independent trading

  • practical experience (trading or investing) with minimal losses

  • unlimited choice of investment options

  • psychological comfort and reduction of stress from losses

Of course, a part of the profit will have to be given to Trader, but these costs can be considered an investment in your financial education. Moreover, some providers of trading signals offer information for free.

Several practical remarks

Copy paste trading services support a mechanism for fine-tuning and managing the copying process, allowing the Trader and Investor to control the situation on trading accounts and make decisions in time.

  • Copying trading ideas for financial transactions requires a personal approach. The bottom line is finding an experienced specialist who shows stable results in the long term is quite difficult. You will have to constantly monitor what and how copytraders, whose signals you have connected to, are trading, as well as constantly study the ratings in order not to miss new options.

  • Whatever is your purpose of trading and/or investing, your broker and signal source broker must provide high-quality order execution and technical support. It is imperative to test the copy trading system for trades with small capital (for each signal source!).

  • Forex copytrade as an investment method will be profitable only with proper capital management. You must tightly control risks − anyone but you will protect your capital!

  • You can be both a Trader (signal source) and an Investor at the same time. What this means is you can sell signals from your investment portfolio, and signals from those you have chosen to copy.

Are you ready to take the risk? Fine!

Copy trader deals from around the world − it is modern, profitable, reliable. Offer your knowledge and successful trading experience to your colleagues − and get additional profit. Invest in modern trading technologies and get capital for independent trades.

You are free in your final choice and let it be the right one!