Unveiling the Secrets: An Exclusive Interview with Samantha, a Pro Trader from the Philippines





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We continue our new "The Interview with a Trader" rubric. Our guest today is Samantha, a pro trader (and a beautiful girl) from the Philippines. Let’s learn a little more about Samantha’s experience in the trading world full of secrets and difficulties.

Diana: Samantha, nice to talk to you! It is wonderful that you found an hour to chat with me on Skype. I confess that it is only my second interview, and I am still a little nervous. It would be great to know more about you. What is your trading experience? What are your hobbies besides trading?

Samantha: I am glad I got some time for a simple conversation. Workaholism is a bad habit I try to eliminate. I am also a little worried because the last interview was when applying for my main job (I am a financial analyst). I discovered trading 7 years ago, in 2015. In addition to all sorts of “money matters”, I like to draw and cook. If there was an opportunity, I would invite you to try my Buko pie. 

Diana: And I definitely would not refuse such a delicious offer *laughing*. Wow, you have a lot of experience in trading. What was your goal when you were just starting to dive into this universe? How did it all begin?

Samantha: My main way of earning money was my job. I was financially secure. However, I also wanted to have a side income. Moreover, as a financier, I desired to test my skills in a new field. I will not deny that excitement woke up in my mind. So, there were a lot of aims.

Diana: Your path is similar to mine. I have the main work in the Forex Copier company and the additional income in the Crypto market. By the way, what type of market are you into? 

Samantha: I have tried to trade on each and every market. But my favorites are Forex and Stocks. Probably, I chose the two most mainstream directions. However, I do not regret my choice at all. The more popular the direction, the more helpful information you can find. Well, you can get more income. I cannot underestimate the importance and coolness of other markets since each type has unique merits.

Diana: How do you perform risk management?

Samantha: I always have a risk limitation. And that amount is $500 per trade. This is my insurance. I set the primary risk and then manage the order. That is, I control the exit from an unprofitable trade or monitor the stop order point.

Diana: What are your top 3 brokers?

Samantha: I prefer Avatrade, Swissquote, and Forex.com. They are at the top of my rating list.

Diana: Samantha, do you get stressed while trading?

Samantha: Nothing bothers me directly in the process. At least I do not realize it. But at the end of the year, such hidden stress makes me feel bad. It is especially true if you set a goal and for one reason or another you fail to achieve it.

Diana: Samantha, how long ago did you have the desire to try yourself in copy trading? How did you come to our software?

Samantha: Not long ago. Many of my friends are addicted to this type of trading. Some insisted that I try to copy the trades and that I would have some kind of passive income. Others said that I would make a great Master, and I could get mountains of gold thanks to subscriptions. I did not want to pull up the rear. Why am I worse than others? I wanted to try something new, where my besties hang out. I learned about the program from my friends who used your software for copying purposes. It seems that no one had any particular complaints about Forex Copier. That is why I decided to try it and bought the license.

Diana: Did you use other software before Copier?

Samantha: No, I have never tried other programs. Forex Copier was my first friend in the copy-trading business. 

Diana: After downloading, were there any difficulties with the software installation?

Samantha: Yes, there was one problem. I could not figure out how to connect the Source account to the Receiver account. Fortunately, my friends did not leave me in trouble and gave me an idiot’s guide.

Diana: What hardware is on your PC? Is there enough power? 

Samantha: I have an Intel Core i5-7500 CPU, 8 RAM, and Full HD. There is enough power to run Copier. So, no problem. I do not know how the program would behave on less powerful devices, but my “horse” pulls it well.

Diana: What do you like about Forex Copier?

Samantha: Since I have never used other copying software before, I have nothing to compare with. However, I would especially like to note the interface from an aesthetic perspective. My artist’s eye was incredibly pleased with the design. I loved software minimalism and color combination.

Diana: What would you fix? 

Samantha: It is difficult to judge such things. It was a little hard to figure out what was what. But after just a few days of using the program, I felt right at home. The only thing I would like to see is some kind of video guide. Although I understand that if I have a problem or question, I can ask my friends or your support for help. 

Diana: We will definitely create a video. Frankly, we have it in development now. By the way, do you know about the release of Forex Copier 4?

Samantha: Yes, I do. I watched the presentation, and it was intriguing. I am looking forward to the release.

Diana: Nice to hear! I hope you will enjoy the new version. Well, we consider each user’s opinion. We write your feedback down and bring them to life in our product. It is marvelous when users can express their wishes and thoughts in no uncertain terms. 

Samantha: It is cool I can express my opinion with no fear or hesitation. 

Diana: It is awkward question time! Could you tell me what your copy-trading monthly income is? 

Samantha: If you do not mind, I would like to keep this information to myself. However, I can tell you that it is realistic to earn from 6000-18000 dollars a year (and even more).

Diana: How many trades do you make per day?

Samantha: I make two or six trades in Forex. And about 2-3 orders in Stock.

Diana: What are the main misconceptions of beginners?

Samantha: In my humble opinion, this is the use of indicator strategies. Do not get me wrong. I am not opposed to using a variety of indicators in trading. Just do not take their signals as the ultimate truth and run like mad to open trades. No need to rely solely on their signals without analysis. This may have a negative impact on your trading.

Diana: So, are you more of a direct price action analytic?

Samantha: You are absolutely right. I prefer price analysis to the mindless indicator following. Indicators are just a response to price changes. Actual price action is ahead of any indicator. Of course, Stochastic can indicate a maximum or minimum of price changes or help assess market trends. But testing pure price levels is closer to me, although this path is more difficult. When looking at the price, I always carefully analyze it. Different thoughts come to my mind: “Hm… The market goes down during the day and rises in the late afternoon.” “Is it possible to test the two-day maximum?” And everything like that.

Diana: What would you like to wish our readers?

Samantha: Try yourself in different areas, but stop at one thing. A narrowly focused specialist is better and more successful than a person focusing on various spheres (IMHO). Do not be lazy. Improve your skills and knowledge on the chosen path. It is crucial to make plans to approach everything wisely. Burn with what you do.

Diana: The very truth itself! I fully support your words. It was very interesting to know you, Samantha. Thank you so much for such pleasant small talk.