Uncovering Success: An Inspiring Conversation with Trader Aaron





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Our online guest today is Aaron. He agreed to share his success story with our sweet Diana and you, dear reader. Let’s listen to a snippet of their conversation.

Diana: Aaron, nice to meet you! We are meeting for the first time. Let’s break the ice a little. My name is Diana, a Forex Copier Account Manager. I am crazy about Japanese animated movies, animals, and trading. What can you tell us about yourself? What are your trading preferences?

Aaron: Hello! It is so great to be doing an interview with you. I am a licensed trader from South Africa who has been trading currencies for 4 years and stocks for 3 years. I prefer all the markets, including metals, cryptocurrency, and different types of investments. I like photography and football. I may seem laconic, but do not let that put you off. 

Diana: Such a thought would not pass to my mind. I think it is cool when you can get right to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit. How has your trading been going for the last several days?

Aaron: Thank you, I am on fire these days. My trading is flawless. 

Diana: Nice to hear! I hope other days will also be fruitful. Did you have any aim when you started trading?

Aaron: Yes, I wanted to get an extra income and create more jobs by funding accounts of people in South Africa. They do not have a lot of jobs available. Getting funding is the hardest thing ever. 

Diana: Please tell me about your experience with trading platforms. 

Aaron: I trade on MT4 and use Oanda for my analysis.

Diana: When did it dawn on you that you want to copy trade?

Aaron: 4 months ago, I was looking for software that can be made for me or already exists. Then, I saw a YouTube video of IFXSUCCESS that contained a review on Forex Copier. I used your software and realized it is processed to what I need. I decided to give copy trading a chance and see what FC can do for my business.

Diana: Have you ever used any copy trading software? 

Aaron: No. But I heard of them.

Diana: Did you have any difficulty installing Forex Copier?

Aaron: No. It was quite a simple process.

Diana: What did you lack in the Forex Copier? 

Aaron: It would be nice if the software worked on mobile platforms. I (as a phone-fanatic Source) would like my Receivers to also have access to the platform on their mobile devices. I think you would be able to create the mobile version since you have a good foundation.

Diana: *unable to start sentence*

Aaron: I have read your previous interviews and look forward to a question concerning advice to newbies. My answer is: that you must have a goal. For instance, my goal in copy trading was to become a good master so that my subscribers could copy my successful trades for a low fee and receive income. Goals and alignment are our everything.

Diana: You so accurately predicted my question! Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. I hope to hear from you one day again. Let your business grow!

Aaron: I am grateful to you for the opportunity to be interviewed. Take care of yourself!