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It seemed to us that it would be nice to diversify the format of our blogs a little. The idea was born on its own. Okay, maybe we are playing hypocrites since we have been brainstorming for hours before making a decision. 

Our content manager suggested: “Why do we not get in touch with our clients and have small talk with them? How about interviewing people and posting their answers? Reading about the real experience of other traders may be more helpful and interesting than checking another “faceless” article.” The idea was to our taste. 

o said so done. Our dear Diana, Forex Copier Account Manager, kindly agreed to help with this tricky thing. Here we go!

Diana: Nice to meet you, Marko. Amazingly, you agreed to attend our debut interview. Could you tell me a little about yourself, please?

Marko: Diana, I am pleased to meet you, too. Well, as you already know, my name is Marko. I am from a very cozy country, Croatia. I do love to read, ride the bike, and make coffee. To be honest, I am an avid coffee achiever *laughing*. My experience in Forex and CFD trading is about 5 years.

Diana: By the way, I also love coffee. Of course, I am far away from the coffee nerd title. But I cannot live a day without a cup of mochaccino with a double syrup. It turns out that you prefer the Forex market. What about stocks, metals, and cryptocurrencies?

Marko: How cool to meet my soulmate. I devote most of my time trading on Forex. However, for the last year, I have been studying crypto (bitcoin in particular). Stocks are not attractive to me. They do not quicken my pulse *laughing*. Although there was a period when I tried to “fall in love” with this area. But it was a total fiasco.

Diana: Marko, what was your end goal: financial freedom or something else?

Marko: At first, I had a so-called leisure interest. I like to try myself in different fields. Therefore, I wanted to discover “terra incognita.” But instead of just having fun, I found a passion in life and financial support.

Diana: Do you study literature related to trading? Are there any books that are worth mentioning?

Marko: If beginners want to better understand the principle of Forex price formation, they can read the work of Bill Williams Trading Chaos.

Diana: What trading platforms do you consider the most popular (except MetaTrader)?

Marko: Hmmm… I am good with TradingView, Binance, and cTrader. In some aspects, I even prefer cTrader to MetaTrader. Diana, please do not let MT addicts throw tomatoes at me *laughing*.

Diana: I will try to prevent tomato revenge. What brokers do you use for real accounts?

Marko: I use Oanda, Pepperstone, and others. The first two have good trading specifications. They may not be perfect (as everything in this world), but I like them.

Diana: Marko, at what stage of your trading career did you decide to use copy trading software?

Marko: About the third year of my trading career. To trade or even copy trade, you still need to study the market and some “whales” of trading. Moreover, I ventured to become a Master right away and give signals. As you know, this requires a lot of knowledge. So, paving the way to copy trading was a little delayed because of developing the necessary skills. 

Diana: Where did you learn about our product from? 

Marko: If my memory serves me right, I found a review on Trustpilot. Then I studied a lot of reviews on other web sources. Well, only then I visited your site and purchased the software.

Diana: Did you use any similar software before?

Marko: Before getting Forex Copier, I used eToro and FX Blue. They were good, but I was always missing something.

Diana: I know this question is not usually asked. But I will take the risk. How much do you earn from copy trading per month (or per year)?

Marko: I was waiting for this question. At the moment, I have 50 Receivers. And my monthly income is about $1500. 

Diana: Did you have any difficulty installing Forex Copier?

Marko: Actually, no. I am not a novice at installing and configuring such programs. If there were difficulties, the PDF guide was in hand.

Diana: Does your PC have enough power to run our copying software? 

Marko: My device’s hardware runs your program without lagging. However, it does not negate the fact that I will soon replace the hardware with a much more powerful one.

Diana: What do you think about our product in general? What did you lack in the Forex Copier settings compared to the copying programs you were already using?

Marko: It is pretty easy to use. Forex Copier is quite a good and user-friendly product. I had no problem connecting Source and Receiver compared with previously used programs. The software has many options. For example, I like adjusting the lot size parameter. You have everything that other developers of copying programs have. Also, you have unique features.

Diana: Marko, do you have any suggestions for FC to improve?

Marko: Diana, it would be nice to add a German UI. Instead of the usual PDF manual, make a short video tutorial or guide describing the settings, and the process of configuration (and installation). It was a little bit hard to search each and every option. I think newbies will especially appreciate it. 

Diana: Oh, yeah... Unfortunately, we had such an imperfection in Forex Copier 3. But in the new version, we have a feature that allows searching by parameters. We implemented an option filter. If you decide to upgrade to Forex Copier 4, you will be able to try it and dozens of other new features. We will work on the rest of the wishes to make the product even better. Thank you so much for your honest feedback. 

Marko: I did not know you were going to release a new version! I will definitely try it. I think this will make using the program even more enjoyable. 

Diana: I hope our software will continue to make your copy trading path as easy as possible. If you have the desire and opportunity, try it. If you suddenly have questions, feel free to contact our support managers. They are our guardian angels who can solve any problem and will do everything for this. 

Marko: Please notify me when an updated version is available.

Diana: With pleasure! Marko, how can a young trader avoid analysis paralysis?

Marko: First of all, you need to hone your own skills and try to develop your own trading systems. When the trading session starts, take yourself out of the media space. Instead of following the others’ reasoning, focus on your system. For example, I do not study information provided by others, unless something global has happened in the market. I usually take a look at the info materials on the weekends.

Diana: What advice would you give to newcomers?

Marko: The crucial thing in trading is consistency and self-discipline. If you trade on emotions or overload your brain with all sorts of things, your business will sink.

Diana: Marko, thank you very much for such a pleasant and cozy conversation. 

Marko: It was a wonderful interview. Thanks a lot for inviting me to participate in it. I wish your company prosperity. All the best!