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Diversifying Brokers


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Forex Copier 4

Finding the best solution to diversify your brokers


When going Forex, there’s a slight chance that things will happen not accordingly to your plan. And it may happen even if you trade like a super pro! Something may happen to your broker, resulting in you losing your entire deposit. That’s why you got to divide your eggs between different baskets. And guess what, you can copy your orders from one account to others so that you don’t have to trade manually on each account. In this way, should there be an issue with one of your brokers, you would have most of your money stored on other accounts.



Copy your trades, given:

  • - Multiple MT4®/MT5® accounts located on the same PC/VPS
  • - different symbol names used by brokers
  • - need of minimal latency when copying


Easily copy trades between multiple MT4®/MT5® accounts on the same PC/VPS in 0.1 seconds with Forex Copier. It recognizes if brokers use different symbol names, so copying will not stumble against that.



Manage accounts bound to different forex brokers and copy your trades between them. Forex Copier includes features, as:

  • - adjusting symbol names
  • - lot/risk management
  • - SL/TP settings

These and much more features will let you manage your risks smartly and professionally, boosting your profitability.



Diversify brokers simply, effectively, with no delays

You want to spread your trades among different MT4®/MT5® accounts linked to various forex brokers. You need software that has no latency, is maximum reliable, and can work on various source and receiver accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, it must deal with symbol names which often differ between brokers.



Software To Copy Trades Easily

Forex Copier 4 covers your needs with these extremely useful features:

  • Symbol Name adjustment (manual and automatic) — incredibly handy because brokers tend to use different symbol names

  • Lot/Risk management — changes lot size of copied orders to suit your requirements.

  • Custom Stop Loss and Take Profit settings — place desired SL/TP at the same price on the source account or set a fixed amount of pips where possible.

  • Price adjustment — set up your receiver accounts to catch a trade at a much better price, resulting in a higher risk/reward ratio.



Software to diversify your brokers

Forex Copier 4 grants you these benefits:

  • Enable you to open accounts with different forex brokers and copy all your trades from your master account to other MT4®/MT5® accounts on your PC/VPS.

  • Handle the problem of different symbol names which different brokers tend to apply.

  • Easily adjust trading signals with Lot/Risk management, different leverage, SL.TP settings, emergency stop, etc.

  • Save tons of time and nerves.

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