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Getting Profit From Losing Accounts


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Forex Copier 4

Finding the best solution to benefit from a losing account, by reversing trades.


Losing money in Forex? You can actually earn money in this way. As paradoxical as it sounds, you can actually play the UNO reverse card to gain a profit from your loss-making deals. And we’re talking about reverting the trading signals of losing expert advisors.



Perform fast and reliable local forex copytrading with:

  • - reverse trade mode feature
  • - support of MT4®/MT5®
  • - support of demo/real MT® accounts


Let your needs come true with the reverse mode feature of Forex Copier 4 (local copy trade version for MT4®/MT5®). Copy reversed trades from multiple losing sources (manual trading and/or EAs run on demo or real accounts) to one or several receivers.



Get profit from your loss-making manually traded account and several losing EAs. Just run your trades of demo MT® accounts and copy reversed signals to real MT® accounts!



Dealing With Losing Accounts

Negative results strike the source trading account badly? Or the account of a trader who gave you their investor password loses more money than it generates? Or even worse, you actually bought a strategy, but it is just burning your account with negative deals? Leave these issues fading in the past, like tears in rain, because you’re getting the opportunity to earn money by copying losing trades!



Software To Copy Trades And Reverse All The Positions

4 is the software that will address your every need for reversing losing trades. Operate manually and with EAs on several demo MT® accounts, while the auto trade Copier mimics them on the live MT4®/ MT5® platform with minimum latency and adjusted settings.

Reverse mode feature of Forex Copier works as follows:

  • Buy order will be copied as Sell

  • Sell order will be copied as Buy

  • Sell Stop order will be copied as Buy Limit

  • Sell Limit order will be copied as Buy Stop

  • Buy Stop order will be copied as Sell Limit

  • Buy Limit order will be copied as Sell Stop



Software That Solves Reversing Executions And Making Profit From A Losing Account

Forex Copier presents the reverse mode which provides you with absolutely brilliant possibility that:

  • Enables you to turn losing accounts and strategies into profitable ones.

  • Is especially useful for beginners as it covers their losses in the middle of the learning curve.

  • Can turn around the 90/10 loss to win ratio in forex.

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