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Selling Signals To Remote Traders


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Forex Copier Remote 2

Finding the perfect solution for selling signals to traders without any access to their username and password.


So you need to sell pieces of your trading wisdom in a form of signals to other traders for the sake of passive income. But you’re planning to do it remotely, having zero access to your buyer’s accounts.



Discover a perfect solution for instant and secure copytrading when you have:

  • - plenty of buyers with MT4/MT5® accounts;
  • - lack of access to their usernames and passwords;
  • - different account sizes, risk demands, and unequal symbol names of brokers.


Forex Copier Remote 2 is designed specifically for the purpose of copying trades from the MetaTrader® account of your own to the MT4®/MT5® accounts of your buyers remotely (a.k.a. having no access to their logins and passwords). And Forex Copier Remote 2 doesn’t even care how different are the account sizes, how varied is risk management, or how unequal are the symbol names used by brokers. It takes care of all these issues.



Sell your signals remotely to plenty of MT® accounts. Use Lot/Risk management, SL/TP settings, symbol name adjustment, and many other vital features of Forex Copier Remote 2. This software lets both you and your clients have a passive income and be happy with your cooperation. A classic win-win situation for everyone.



How To Beat Every Issue Of Remote Signal Copying

Some traders won’t be willing to share their usernames and passwords with you even if you are ready to sell them your money-making signals. In this case, you will have to work with them remotely. So you need a reliable way for copying signals between different MT4®/MT5® accounts, located on different PC/VPS. Moreover, this way must have no latency, be absolutely secure, and work on various receiver accounts simultaneously. To throw some more wood into the fire, you will have to deal with different account sizes and risk demands of your clients, and unequal symbol names used by brokers.



Software To Copy Trades Easily Without Sharing Metatrader® Login Id/Password

Awesome news! With Forex Copier Remote 2, your needs for reliable remote copytrading are finally fulfilled! This very software provides you with copying trades to your clients’ accounts with zero to no delay. Leave the bothers to Copier Remote 2 and enjoy your trading while it handles the copytrading part even if you don’t have any access to your clients’ ID and passwords.

These Forex Copier features are completely at your service:

  • Lot/Risk management to freely edit the lot size of copied orders to meet any requirements and needs;

  • Custom Stol Loss and Take Profit settings — place your needed SL or TP at the same price on the source account or set a fixed pips amount! Develop the risk management of your choice. Meet any risk requirements from your clients, safety belts for everyone!

  • Symbol Name adjustment (both Automatic and Manual) — if you’re using terminals from different brokers and their symbol names are different, this feature is gonna be extremely handy for you.



Software To Solve Your Signal Selling Needs

Forex Copier Remote 2 provides you with the number of benefits:

  • Gives you a way to earn extra money on copying your trades to plenty of accounts on different PC/VPS remotely;

  • Opens the freedom to make any trading signal adjustments to meet you client’s needs;

  • Save you TONS of time and nerves.

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