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Reselling Signals From Experienced Traders To Newbies


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Forex Copier Remote 2

Finding the best solution for selling signals remotely


Planning to provide your community with a signal from an experienced trader? Looks like you need to do some copytrading then. But this process has a number of pitfalls that you should address and overcome. Let’s look at them and see how we can beat ‘em up.



Do copytrading in a fast and reliable way, given:

  • - no direct access to usernames and passwords of clients’ accounts
  • - a huge number of prospective clients with MT4/MT5® accounts
  • - different account sizes, risk demands, and symbol names used by brokers


Easily copy trades using Forex Copier Remote 2 from the MetaTrader® account of a pro trader to the MT4®/MT5® accounts of signal receivers (no access to passwords and logins needed). Forex Copier Remote 2 handles the different account sizes, risk management, and even the different symbol names which brokers tend to use.



Resell the trade signals remotely to multiple MT® accounts with Forex Copier Remote 2. Use the exclusive features designed especially for making the process easy as pie: Lot/risk management, SL/TP setting, symbol name adjustment, and many others. This is a whole win-win-win case scenario for you, a pro trader (a.k.a. the signal provider), and your clients (signal receivers). When the needs of your clients are fulfilled, you earn more, right?



How To Address The Demand For Remote Forex Signal Copying

You need to know how to provide a signal service to let an experienced trader open and close deals on behalf of signals receivers who don’t hurry to share the logins and passwords to their MT4/MT5® accounts. With this, a Forex copy trade software must have no latency, be reliable, stable, and work on various receivers’ accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, not only the account sizes are different, but the risk demands of your clients vary as well. As for the brokers, they really add fuel to the fire, using different symbol names which is going to ruin the whole process.



Software To Copy Trades Easily Without Sharing Metatrader® Login Id/Password

Forex Copier Remote 2 kicks these issues right where the double ‘s’ is. It lets you easily fulfill your clients’ needs. Copy trades from a pro trader with no delay, even not having an access to your clients’ logins and passwords.

These features come extremely handy in the process:

  • Lot/Risk Management — change the lot sizes of copied orders to meet different requirements of your clients.

  • Custom Stop Loss and Take Profit settings — place the desired SL/TP at the same price on the source account or set a fixed amount of pips where it can be placed. It opens a possibility for custom risk management, matching the needs of especially risk-averse clients who would rather prefer a larger safety net.

  • Symbol Name Adjustment — solves the issue of using terminals from different brokers who use different symbol names.



Reliable Software For Selling Signals

Meet the outcomes that Forex Copier Remote 2 opens:

  • You successfully operate signals for your community

  • Your clients easily adjust trading signals according to their needs

  • You save TONS of time and nerves

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