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Selling Subscriptions To Your Own Profitable EA without Risk


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Forex Copier 4 or Forex Copier Remote 2

Finding the best solution for selling subscriptions to your own EA without risks.


So you have a profitable trading robot (EA) capable of making you some money and this makes you think “hey, maybe if I sell its signals to other traders and investors, I will get a well-deserved passive income?” And that’s a great idea! However, you also cautiously assume that it may be hacked when you share your creation with others.



Conduct Forex copytrading quickly and safely, having:

  • - a plan to sell signals of your own EA without access to the robot itself;
  • - numerous clients with MT4/MT5® accounts willing to buy your product;
  • - different account sizes and risk approach.


The solution to your needs is right on the surface. Just offer the signals to your customers, as you intended to do, but do it via Forex Copier 4 or Forex Copier Remote 2. In this beautiful way, your customers will get to copy the signals to their MT4/MT5® accounts without accessing your robot. This automatically solves another issue of different account sizes and risk management habits.



Selling signals of your robot with Forex Copier 4 or Forex Copier Remote 2 will save your EA from being hacked. No matter if your clients have different lot or risk management, every detail is easily adjustable — everything is safe, everyone is happy.



The Need To Sell Trading Robots Signals To Other Traders Without Lending The EA

Selling subscriptions to your EA without actually granting direct access to it was quite a challenge… yesterday. But today it is more than real. To avoid totally unwanted hacking of your EA, you need to know how to copy Forex signals easily and safely. This generates a number of requirements toward the Forex copy-trade software:

  • no latency

  • working on multiple receiver’s accounts simultaneously

  • satisfy all risk appetites

  • adjust to different symbol names



Software To Copy Trades Easily Without Sharing The Trading Robot

Forex Copier 4 and Forex Copier Remote 2 cover all requirements mentioned above + much more! Forget about the risks while selling signals of your robot to other accounts with this Forex copytrading software. The trades will be easily adjusted to your clients’ needs, without even the slightest latency.

Utilize these awesome features of Forex Copier to make signal selling as simple as it can ever be:

  • Lot/Risk Management makes it possible to change the lot size of every copied order to meet the needs of each client;

  • Custom Stop Loss and Take Profit settings allow you to place the desired SL/TP at the same price on the source account or set a fixed amount of pips where it can be placed. It can help you develop custom risk management, matching the needs of those family members/friends who are risk-averse and would prefer a larger safety net.

  • Adjusting Symbol Name feature (Automatic and Manual) is very useful if you use terminals from different brokers.



Software That Provides All Solutions For Selling Signals Of an Expert Advisor (EA)

Forex Copier provides you with exclusive outcomes that:

  • Solve your need to sell a subscription to your EA without giving out access to the EA itself;

  • Grant you a chance to earn passive income by selling your EA’s signals;

  • Make the most out of the trading robot with the risk management of Forex Copier;

  • Allow you to use other forex copytrade software features (lot/risk management, filtering order, custom SL/TP, etc.) to boost your trading.

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