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Forex Copier 3 upgrade

Upgrade to Forex Copier 3

If you already have Forex Trade Copier 2, you can upgrade to the newest version at minimal cost. Find out what new features the update will give you and what problems it will solve.

Forex Trade Copier 2

Forex Trade Copier 3

MT5® support (* MetaTrader®, MetaTrader 5®, MT4®, MT5® are the registered trademarks of MetaQuotes Software Corp. The developers of Forex Copier are not affiliated with MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

Get more flexibility when choosing a platform for copying Forex Trade Copier now supports MetaTrader 5® terminals. Therefore, copying can be performed between any MT4 and MT5® accounts.

Different lot multipliers

Personalize the volumes of copied trades In Forex Trade Copier 3, trade volumes for each client and account can be set individually. Just apply different lot multipliers to different currency pairs.

Considers different leverage

The volume of trades is proportional to the leverage of all your accounts and clients The different values of leverage in the Provider’s and Receiver’s terminals won’t puzzle you anymore since the program will make all the needed calculations itself.

Problem management

No more unobvious copying problems You will always be the first to see the problem and solve it with 1 click. It refers to the problems with the copying process or the terminal issues.

Copy time management

Enable copying during the strictly defined time intervals Specify the time period when you want orders to be copied, whether it is a trading session, day of the week, or any other time limit that suits you.

Visual copy statistics

Find detailed copying statistics right on the chart It saves you from calculating and searching for information about how many transactions were copied for each account and how profitable they were.

Automatic updates

Keep up to date with the new version release Don’t miss new features and eliminate defects quickly. With the program’s automatic updates, it will take minimum time.

Copying orders by type

Select the order types you want to copy You can choose which types of orders the Source will copy and which types of orders the Receiver will process. The filter includes all types of market, pending, and limit orders.

See the provider’s name on the chart

The fastest way to know the signal source In the trading terminal, you now can immediately determine from which account transactions are copied to it.

Optimized software performance

Enjoy an even faster and easier copying process Speed, effectiveness, reliability – it’s all about Forex Trade Copier 3. We have optimized the software and now it works better making your experience even smoother.

Improved user experience.

User-friendliness is at maximum Who said that copy trading is complicated? Thanks to the numerous improvements, Forex Trade Copier 3 offers you the utmost comfort during the working process.

Upgrade only for



Common between FC2 and FC3

  • Any broker support

    Our Software was tested with ITCFX, FXCM, FOREX.COM, XM, FxNet, FxPro, HY Markets, RoboForex, Hirose UK, ThinkForex, ForexBrokerInc, FBS, MIG, FXOpen, DF Markets, FX Choice, FXSOL, IBFX, Alpari, Oanda, MB Trading, MaxiFX, AVAFX, FXDD and other brokers.

  • Lot / Risk Management

    Forex Copier will calculate lot size in the way that each order will risk no more than selected % of your account size. Note, that original order should have Stop Loss level.

  • SL / TP settings

    You can use these features to: Ignore original order’s SL and TP, Set custom SL and TP for orders which are opened on Receiver account, Move SL and TP of copied order according to the difference between prices of initial and copied orders.

  • Adjusting Symbol Name

    Min/max lot size, max lot sum, number of orders (per symbol), copy only defined types of orders, Price difference, expiration minutes restrictions

  • Reverse Mode

    If you enable this feature then Forex Copier will open opposite orders on Receiver account. SL and TP can be also reversed for copied opposite orders.

  • Copy filters

    This exclusive feature allows copying trades, which reached certain predefined profit/loss level in pips.